Whoo’s Bakery

Posted on Sep 28 2015 - 11:05pm by Beth

Whoo’s Bakery 


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I discovered Whoo’s Bakery when the business was located in Houston.  I learned about Whoo’s Bakery from a Facebook group, and I immediately “liked” the Facebook page.  Every week, I enjoyed watching the pictures being posted by Whoo’s Bakery, and I was blown away from week to week.  I became a #1 fan before we ever had a chance to work together.  If you scroll through the pictures, you’ll probably notice that I have “liked” every picture that I have seen come through my newsfeed.  Whoo’s Bakery makes the most amazing cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.

With that being said, I was thrilled to work with Whoo’s Bakery on my Frozen Summer Bash.  Whoo’s Bakery made the perfect cake to go with our Summer Frozen themed party along with cupcakes.  The cake was exactly what we wanted and envisioned.  It was beautiful.  It was perfect.  I didn’t want to cut the cake because it literally was a piece of art.  The cake was perfect on the eyes and on the taste.  It was delicious and definitely a crowd pleaser.  After the party, I couldn’t wait to work with Whoo’s Bakery again.


I found out that Whoo’s Bakery was moving to New Orleans.  My first thought was “oh no!”  I very quickly realized that it’s ok because cookies can be mailed.  Whoo’s Bakery makes delicious treats for those lucky folks in Louisiana, but we can continue to benefit too.  I might also add that you can have your cookies packaged, and Whoo’s Bakery does an amazing job at that too!

The pictures speak for themselves.  They are beautiful.  They are perfect.  They are amazing.  Whoo’s Bakery can make any cookie, any design, any theme that you want for your special occasion.  It doesn’t take long to become a fan of Whoo’s Bakery.  My friends and I both fell in love with Whoo’s Bakery, and you will too!

Contact Information:

Website:  www.whoosbakery.com

Email:  stacey@whoosbakery.com




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