Things To Do with Middle School Kids

Posted on Jul 21 2016 - 7:41pm by Beth

Things To Do with Middle School Kids

Are you tired of hearing the words “I’m bored”?  When kids are younger, it seems like it might be easier to keep them busy and entertained.  It can becomes harder to entertain children as they get older.  Either they’ve done it before or they’re too cool to do it now.


Middle School Kids

Middle School kids like to do their own thing, spend time with their friends, and simply hang out.  It’s a period where they go through a lot of transformations.  They want to “be” older than they are, and they definitely don’t want to be perceived as being younger.  They enter middle school as children and leave middle school as young adults.  Many middle school kids often look and act like children, and it can be hard to find age appropriate activities for them, especially during the summer.


things to do with middle school students


Things to do with middle school kids:

My children aren’t in middle school yet so I reached out for some assistance from the pros themselves.  I have spoken to middle school students and parents of middle school students to help me compile this list.  Enjoy!

  1. Ifly
  2. Paintball
  3. Go carting
  4. Cooking classes  (ie.  Central Market, Rice Epicurian)
  5. Trampoline places
  6. Horseback riding
  7. Museums
  8. Arcades (ie. Dave & Busters)
  9. Movies
  10. Sports games and events
  11. Miller Outdoor Theater
  12. Kemah Boardwalk & Pleasure Pier
  13. Camps
  14. Volunteering
  15. Skateboarding
  16. Bowling
  17. Skating
  18. Rock climbing
  19. Ninja Warrior Training at Iron Gym
  20. Top Golf

If you have ideas that you would like to add to the list, please comment and share them with us.


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