The Celery Experiment

Posted on Aug 26 2015 - 11:31pm by Beth


The Celery Experiment 

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Would you like to teach your children how plants “drink water”?  The celery experiment is an inexpensive, easy way to teach them basic science concepts through a visual experiment.  All you need to purchase is celery and food coloring.  You simply color the water and place the celery inside.  You will notice the coloring throughout the stems and leaves the next day.  Don’t forget to show them the bottom of the celery stalks so that they can see where the water is being drawn up into the stem.

There are so many neat extensions that you could add to this experiment to make it appropriate for your child’s age and learning level.  They could make predictions about what will happen, chart their observations,  make a sequencing chart or book, etc.

You can also try this experience with carnations.  Your kids can watch the process of osmosis right inside your kitchen.  If you do the experiment with carnations, you follow the same steps as the celery.

You can take your children to the library or the bookstore and find books on plants.  There are so many concepts that you can teach your children about plants in addition to osmosis.  You can teach them about the parts of a plant, the life cycle of a plant, what a plant needs to live, etc.

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