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Kat Silva Photography



Kat Silva photographs any kind of event that you would like captured.  She will take pictures of events, weddings, families, kids, maternity, newborn, and even boudoir pictures.  She has done it all.  She will do a combination of action pictures to posed pictures.  You name it, and you’ll get it.  Kat is located in the Katy area, but she is willing to travel all over the Houston area to get the pictures that you desire.  Kat is very passionate about capturing moments for people in order to have a lifetime of saved memories.

Contact Information:

Please “like” and follow Kat Silva Photography on Facebook.  Her link is www.facebook.com/katsilvaphotography.


Kid Fun Houston Review:

Kat has been a member of Kid Fun Houston for awhile now, and I have followed her page.  I have been looking for an opportunity to work with her.  When I began planning the Alice in Wonderland High Tea Party at the St. Regis Hotel, I knew that Kat would be a perfect fit for the event.  I was thrilled to book Kat as one of my photographers for the event.

I asked Kat to be in charge of capturing the vendors and to shoot the people at the event.  I gave Kat a list of twenty vendors to cover, and I knew that she would easily master the task.  In addition, I asked her to try to get pictures that represented everything taking place during the event.

Kat was so easy to work with before, during, and after the event.  It is always nice to find a vendor that is easy to communicate with and easily understands your vision.  Kat took my instructions and ran with them.  I honestly feel as though I gave her a difficult task as there were so many things that I wanted to capture from this event.

Kat moved from vendor to vendor and guest to guest and flowed through the event seamlessly.  As I watched her passionately snap pictures of this amazing event, I knew that we would have the most wonderful storybook to show those who were not there.

When I received the pictures, I was so excited.  Usually, I cannot wait to see every single picture and do not stop until I have scrolled through each and every one.  While scanning the photos, I had to stop and send Kat a message.  I was so excited about her work, and I was blown away by the details and moments that she snapped.  Kat did an amazing job, and her pictures show it.

Kat took several hundred pictures at the event, and I would love to show all of them.  For the sake of space, I have selected some of the pictures.  As you look through them, you easily get the idea.  She is an amazing photographer and a natural.

If you are looking for someone to take pictures of a moment that you want to remember forever, Kat Silva Photography is an amazing choice.  You will love working with her.

Don’t forget to save her information so that you have it handy the next time you need a photographer for an event, milestone, or just because.

Thank you Kat for doing an amazing job!

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