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The Houston Swim Club has taught children, infants, and adults for over 50 years.  They service thousands of students each year in swim lessons.  The Houston Swim Club offers classes for all ages and levels including infant classes, beginner levels and advanced levels.

The Houston Swim Club has five convenient locations including Sharpstown, Sugar Land, Pearland, Katy, and Cypress.  The infant classes start as early at four months old, and the advanced level classes help independent swimmers learn the proper technique for the different strokes.

The instructors are highly qualified.  They receive training in CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Instruction (WSI), and forty plus hours in water training.  They offer a two week start up session that is required for all students.  You can sign up for group classes, semi-private classes and private classes.  The group classes have no more than four students.

Do you have a preschooler or child at home that is ready for swim lessons?  During the hours of 9:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m., you can take advantage of the fact that school aged children are in school.  You might find it easier to find a time that works with your schedule in addition to a small crowd at the facility.  The clubs tend to be busier in the afternoons.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, they offer private swim lessons.  This is the perfect time to get one on one swim instruction for your child/children.  The pool is much quieter during these times so your child may really show growth and benefit from the direct instruction.

Personally, we have attended the Houston Swim Club for the past two years and a half years.  My son started taking lessons in the parent/child class.  It was a great way to get him water ready and comfortable in swim lessons.  We have taken lesson in the morning, mid afternoon, late afternoon.  I think that we have tried almost every time frame due to our busy schedule.  There have been times where he was the only student, and we have been in classes that were full with four students.  I found both to be effective for different reasons.  When my son swims alone, he gets all of the attention during the entire lesson.  During a lesson with other students, he is often motivated by another student, and it pushes him to work harder.

My favorite thing about taking lessons at the Houston Swim Club is the consistency among instructors.  Although the teachers differ in styles and personalities, all of the instructors have the same training.  It is easily noticeable that the swim teachers are using the same set of tools to teach the students.  Their mission and goals are aligned, and your child will progress as a result.

One of the reasons that I chose the Houston Swim Club is their approach for early swimmers.  The students are taught to float on their back.  As they are learning to swim freestyle, they are trained to flip onto their back when they are tired or for a breath.  I believe strongly in this method, and it has proven to be a successful approach for thousands of swimmers.  Research proves that floating saves lives.  It is an essential skill that must be taught effectively for young swimmers.

The Houston Swim Club not only excels at teaching new swimmers, but they are equally successful in teaching more skillful swimmers.  The Houston Swim Club offers a summer league swim team and a year round swim team.  The instructors work hard to help students master and perfect their strokes in addition to increasing their pace.  Even if you don’t plan to swim on a swim team, your child can benefit from the stroke work taken place in swim lessons.

I highly recommend the Houston Swim Club, and I am proud to tell anyone and everyone that we chose them.  My two and a half year old started lessons this week, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have trusted the lives of my two babies in the hands of the Houston Swim Club.  My four year old is a confident swimmer, and my two year old is on her way.  We will continue our year round lessons to ensure that they are strong swimmers at the start of each summer.

For more information about the Houston Swim Club, please visit their website at http://www.houstonswimclub.com.

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