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Posted on Jan 2 2016 - 6:41pm by Beth


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New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

Well, it’s another year and time to make those new year’s resolutions.  Whether you actually make resolutions or not, it’s a great time to reflect on ways to be a better parent.  After all, we can all use a few reminders and tips, right!?!

I enjoyed reading this article by, and the ideas seemed doable.  The first tip is “don’t say don’t”. We all know that it’s better to use the positive spin on things, but it can be hard to remember in the moment. Instead of saying “don’t talk with your mouth full”, we can say “please finish your food before speaking”.  Essentially, we are saying the same thing, but one sounds better and may be better received too.

The tip “put a cup on your work day” is a very hard one for me personally.  I am a stay at home mom who also has a full time job working at home. I work mostly during nap time and after the kids go to bed.  Over the past year, I have really had to work hard to balance my time both with and without the kids.

Several of the tips spoke to me, and I am sure that you can relate to some of them too.  However you decide to spend your 2016, I hope that it is a great one for each of you.

Happy New Year!  May you and your family have an amazing year full of fun and quality family time.

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