Free Tour of the Westheimer Animal Clinic

Posted on Aug 1 2015 - 2:19am by Beth

Tour of the Westheimer Animal Clinic




One evening, I was reading a book with my son that talked about taking a pet to a vet.  During our story time, we talked a lot about doctors and veterinarians.  As time passed, my son asked questions about pets, animals, and taking care of them.  Our family dog had been to the vet many times, but it never occurred to me to talk about it with him.  Our conversations got more detailed, and he asked lots of questions.

My son was three and a half, and my daughter was one and a half.  Both of my kids loved animals, and I wondered if it was time to visit a vet’s office.  My kids have a lot of love for animals so I decided to give it a try.  I called the Westheimer Animal Clinic, and they were happy to invite us into their office.

We loved our tour, and my kids valued the experience.  I often hear my son reference “the time that we saw the animals at the vet”.  They walked us through each area, let us pet the cats and dogs, showed us where they play outside, let us see an examination room, and watched a check up.

I have become a professional at asking for tours.  When the learning opportunity arises, I simply pick up the phone and take a chance.  Most of the time, I have found that people are excited and willing to welcome us into their business.  When an employee donates twenty minutes of their time, they have no idea what the lifetime impact it has on my children.  I am so grateful for experiences like this one as we will always remember it.

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