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Posted on Jul 6 2016 - 8:54pm by Beth

Free Classes @ Women’s Hospital

The Women’s Hospital offers free classes to women after giving birth.  They offer a free breastfeeding class, and they offer a free class called “Birth, Baby, & Beyond”.  The Women’s Hospital is located at 7600 Fannin Street, Houston 77054.


Birth, Baby, & Beyond – Free Classes

Birth, Baby & Beyond is a free class offered weekly.  It takes place on Thursdays from 10:00-11:00 a.m.  The class is an informal meeting of expectant mothers, fathers, new parents, and babies up to one year old.  During the meetings, you’ll discuss issues such as sleeping, crying, feeding, and family dynamics.  During some meetings, there are guest speakers such as a pediatrician, a Gymboree rep, etc.  The cost of the weekly class is free, and you do not need to register.  The class is open to families, even if you don’t deliver at the Women’s Hospital.  You’re parking will be validated at the meeting.  Please note that siblings are not allowed if they are older than one year old.


Birth, Baby, & Beyond Free Classes


My Experience:

I attended the free breastfeeding classes that are offering on Mondays at 10:00 a.m.  The breastfeeding classes were very helpful, and I really enjoyed meeting other moms who were in the same phase as me.  The breastfeeding classes are offered for mothers/baby from birth to 6 weeks old.  During the free meetings, you meet with breastfeeding consultants who offer support during the meeting.  They answer questions, help you with the process, etc.  There are scales available to weigh your baby before and after a feeding so that you can see exactly how much your baby is eating.  These classes were so incredibly helpful to me, and I made new friends.

After about 5 weeks, I decided to try the Birth, Baby, & Beyond class.  The class was full of moms and babies of all ages.  They allow you to attend the class weekly until your child is one year old.  During the meetings, moms (and dads) share their experiences.  It’s fun to meet so many other parents who are in the same phase as you.  I can remember many questions being posed at the meetings that I found to be incredibly helpful to me.  There is something about hearing things from someone else who is going through it at the same time as you.  Most importantly, I met a ton of fabulous people, and I made so many new friends.  My son is five now, and I still consider some of those friendships to be my closest friendships now.

When I attended the meetings, I really benefited from them emotionally, educationally, and socially.  I went to the meetings regularly, and I looked forward to them each week.  After a year, they offer a graduation ceremony.  There is a Facebook group for those who were a part of BBB.  The Facebook group is an extension of the meetings, and I also found it to be so helpful.  As your child grows, you continue to get love and support from other families with no judgement.  I highly recommend that you give it a try, and you just might love it as much as I did.



The Woman’s Hospital is a great place to attend free classes and get continued support.

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