Event Notes

I am a planner by nature, and I am passionate about planning events for Kid Fun members.  I really enjoy meeting new people, visiting with friends, and offering discounts to our members.  My goal is offer a variety of events that are fun and educational.

I attend many events with my children, but I do not attend all of them.  I sometimes offer 3-4 events a day so there is no way that I could make it to everything.

We have a large group of members who live all over the greater Houston area.  Our members also consist of working parents, stay at home parents, and parents who work part time.  I do my best to plan a variety of events that are offered during the week and on the weekends.  I am also working hard to plan more events in the areas outside of the heart of our city.

If you are not able to attend Kid Fun events, I hope that you walk away with lots of event ideas.  I often share the contact information, links, and websites so that you can plan an event on your own.  If you want information for a specific venue, please feel free to send me a message.

If I attend an event, I take pictures and post them on Kid Fun.  If I am not at the event, I often have a volunteer taking pictures for me.  Please note that the pictures may be shared on the Kid Fun website and Kid Fun social media pages.

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