Children’s Books

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Children’s Books

Reading is one of the most important things that you can do with your children.  By reading to your kids, you are providing learning experiences that will make a difference in their academic life.  So, where do you get books for your kids?  The members of Kid Fun Houston have helped me put together am amazing list of stores, online websites, and second hand locations to purchase, trade, or receive free books.  Studies show that children benefit greatly from reading the same book numerous times.  Let’s be honest though, it is also important for our children to have a variety of books that interest them.

Here is a list of places to get children’s books:

1 Amazon
2 Attics
3 Babies R Us
4 Barnes & Nobles
5 Big Blue Whale Toys & Curiosities
6 Blue Willow Bookstore
7 Book fairs
8 Book sale search engines
9 Books-A-Million
11 Bookword Reading
12 Brazos Bookstore
13 Brilliant Sky Toys & Books
14 Children’s Collections
15 Children’s Resale Shops
16 Consignment sales or stores
17 Costco
18 Cryaon’s Resale
19 Dolly Parton Book Club
20 Ebay
21 Friends of Houston Public Library Sale
22 Fundamentally Toys
23 Garage Sales
24 Goodwill
25 H.E.B .
26 Half Price Books
27 Hand me downs
28 Katy Budget Books
29 Kohl’s
30 Lakeshore Learning
31 Learning Express
32 Marshalls
33 Memorial Assistance Ministries
34 Museums
35 Once Upon A Child
36 Online trading sites
38 Paper Back Exchange
39 Ross
40 Salvation Army
41 Sam’s Club
42 Scholastic Warehouse and book orders
43 Schools
44 Second Childhood
45 Target
46 Teacher Heaven Books
47 Thrift Books Online
48 Thrift Stores
49 TJ Maxx
50 Tomfoolery Toys & Books
51 Toys R Us
52 Trade with other parents
53 Tuesday Morning
54 Tulips N Tutus
55 Usborne Books
56 Walmart



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