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We have had the extreme pleasure to work with Beth Applewhite and Kid Fun Houston at The Printing Museum of Houston. She is very well organized and has assisted us with planning for her group to visit. Through Kid Fun Houston’s visits, we were able to see the larger impact we have in bringing children and their parents into our Museum by offering more unique opportunities... [Read More]

Kid Fun Houston H.E.B. Healthy Buddy Tour I love being a Kid Fun Houston group member because Kid Fun Houston is a comprehensive resource for things happening around our city.  We enjoy attending many of the events organized by Kid Fun Houston.  I love that every event is well organized and that there is a variety of different learning experiences that is unique to this group!  We have learned so much about what our city has to offer through Kid Fun Houston.  The group is a great tool for gathering information on various topics of... [Read More]

What comes to mind when I think of what I get from Kid Fun Houston is that it makes parenting in Houston, a hard job anywhere, much easier.  As a working mother, Kid Fun Houston is about more than scheduled play dates and tours of the grocery store.  It has to be, as I am not able to take part in the vast majority of the activities – though I would if I could.  I would say that, for me, Kid Fun Houston is a community of questions, answers, contributions, experience, suggestions, ideas, and resources.  Members, who come from all walks... [Read More]

Kid Fun Houston Maritime Museum Tour Beth is a great organizer. Her idea of the group was well received for the Houston’s mom community and she has done a great job engaging moms and kids into new learning and get together opportunities. Kid Fun is a great resource that has grown a lot and provides more and more members to share ideas with, every day. Jenny Roesler – WW Strategic Content Manager at Hewlett Packard and mom of Sabrina ... [Read More]

Kid Fun Houston has been one of the best resources I have found this last year.  It is my first year to stay at home with my children, and KFH has opened my eyes to so many new experiences and activities available in Houston.  Beth is a master at coordinating fun, and mostly free, events all around town.  We have loved story time at Blue Willow bookshop, the safari at the Wildlife Zoo, several grocery store tours, and Chick fil A lemonade squeezing, just to name a few.  Her Facebook page is super easy to use, and all events are very... [Read More]

Kid Fun Houston has been a lifesaver for my children and me. As a mom of two boys, ages three and 21 months, that works full time outside of the home, I don’t always have time to research community events or find unique opportunities for my children to participate in. Beth Applewhite and Kid Fun Houston have made the task of finding those events and opportunities a no brainer by just going to the Facebook page and taking a look at what is happening. By participating in these opportunities, my kids have formed friendships that they may... [Read More]

Beth is a very sweet, awesome, loving lady with a lot of patience. I’m a first time mommy and a stay at home mommy. Joining Kid Fun Houston has been amazing. I have been able to network and talk to other moms. Now that my little one is 8 months old, I’m hoping to go to do fun things during the week and on the weekends with Daddy.  While doing that, I’m hoping to meet other moms. With the Kid Fun Houston group, Beth keeps the group together, organized, and is fast at answering questions. She is very helpful and is always up for our... [Read More]

I found out about Kid Fun Houston by researching through Facebook. I am so glad I did. Beth, the founder, has done so many events for us.  We have learned about so many places we didn’t know about thanks to her. Beth is so sweet and nice to us all the time. She always has a smile on her face and makes us feel like home. Thank you Beth for all you do for us moms and our kids. Belinda Arellano, Mom ... [Read More]

I love being a part of Kid Fun Houston!! I’ve been able to experience along with my children some of the most fun outings we’ve ever been on! I love that so many of the places chosen by Beth are not only fun but educational. I’ve truly seen firsthand how big Houston is and how much it has to offer. I’ve also met some amazing Moms through Kid Fun that I now consider “friends”. Having been a stay at home mom for 13+ years, to be part of this group has been such a blessing in getting out and truly enjoying... [Read More]

My family moved from Austin to Beaumont last fall. I started to look for things to do in Houston as there isn’t much for children around here and because we plan on moving to Houston next year. KFH has helped us learn different areas of the city, explore new places and have fun with other kids/families. My son has had a blast at each event we’ve been able to attend. We’ve really enjoyed taking my husband around on weekends to show him what we’ve discovered through KFH. I can’t adequately express my gratitude... [Read More]

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