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Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s is a neighborhood style grocery store based out of California.  They have amazing food and drinks for awesome prices.   They are known for their two buck chuck bottles of wine, but they have so many amazing products.   Here are my top 10 products.   Locations: 1.  1440 Voss Road (Houston) 2. 2922 South Shepherd Dr. (Houston) 3.  2717 Commercial Center Blvd. (Katy) 4. 10868 Kuykendahl Rd. (The Woodlands)   Speculoos Cookie Butter   When people talk about Trader Joe’s cookie... [Read More]

  The Fort Bend Parents of Multiples (FBPOM) Spring 2016 Sale Updated Sale Information: Event: Each fall and spring our club hosts an indoor buysell or garage sale where our members gather with all of their gently used goodies for sale. This event is extremely popular with both our club members and members of other multiples clubs (as well as with the public) for a great reason, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need... [Read More]

Over 65 Places to get BOOKS Reading books is one of the most important things that you can do with your children, and I recommend that you start at a very early age.  Let’s face it though, the cost of books adds up quickly.  There are over 65 places that you can get books.  If you’re looking for a variety of places to get books for free, cheap, or a nice selection, then this list is for you.  Whether you’re looking for new books or old books, there are tons of places to find books.  I hope that you find this list... [Read More]

Dollar Stores Do you remember these pens from our childhood?  I loved these pens as a kid.  I recently found them at the Dollar Tree, and they were two for a dollar.  Score! Dollar stores have items that are either hit or miss.  I visit dollar stores for certain items, and I avoid them for other items.  Once you get to know the great deals, it’s hard to pass up a visit to your nearest dollar store.  When I was a teacher, I discovered many awesome dollar store items.  As a mom, I have a new list of items that I love to purchase. Here... [Read More]

  Children’s Books Reading is one of the most important things that you can do with your children.  By reading to your kids, you are providing learning experiences that will make a difference in their academic life.  So, where do you get books for your kids?  The members of Kid Fun Houston have helped me put together am amazing list of stores, online websites, and second hand locations to purchase, trade, or receive free books.  Studies show that children benefit greatly from reading the same book numerous times.  Let’s... [Read More]