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Kid Fun – The Potatoe Patch Restaurant The Potatoe Patch Restaurant is a kid fun place that is perfect for a family outing.  Their slogan is “Home of the throw’d roll”, and they specialize in country cooking.   The Potatoe Patch The Potatoe Patch is located at 2020 FM 1960, Houston, Texas 77073. It is very close to the IAH airport.  If you are in North Houston, this is a fun restaurant to try.     Throw’d Rolls: Yes, you read it right.  They throw rolls in the restaurant, and the guests... [Read More]

Kid Fun Places to get a Hot Dog Houston is known for having delicious food, and there are a ton of kid fun places to get a hot dog.  Family friendly restaurants all over town serve this child friendly dish, and people of all ages love to eat them.  If you’re looking for kid friendly restaurants that serve hot dogs, you’re in the right spot.   Kid Fun Places Hot dogs are a big hit on a children’s menu, and kids love to eat them. There are variations of the hot dog such as a corn dog and a pig in the blanket.  Some... [Read More]

Kids Eat Free at The Union Kitchen The Union Kitchen offers “kids eat Free” on Tuesday.  The restaurant is a family friendly place that serves creative American food.  They have a lovely covered patio.  They  serve small plates such as pulled pork, stuffed mushrooms, and crab cakes.  The menu is full of tasty pizzas, delicious soups and salads, juicy burgers, steaks and chops, chicken and seafood. My favorite is the Diana’s Mixed Green Salad with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, parmesan cheese... [Read More]

Pappasitos Cantina – Half Price Fajitas on Wednesdays The fajitas at Pappasito’s are delicous, and we love to order them on any given day.  If you like their fajitas too, then you can take advantage of their special on Wednesdays.  They offer a 1.2 price fajita combo.  The fajita combo comes with both beef and chicken fajitas and a large side for 2 people.  The price is $23.00.  This offer is good every Wednesday from 5pm-10pm.  It is my understanding that all Pappasito’s restaurants participate in this special... [Read More]

Kids Eat Free on Wednesday: Your kids can eat free on Wednesdays.  There are thousands of restaurants in Houston and the surrounding areas, and a ton of them are family friendly.  There are many restaurants that offer a kids eat free special or a discounted special.  After hundreds and hundreds of phone calls, here is a list of restaurants that offer special deals for families. Stay Tuned:  I am working on a list for every day of the week.  Once I have compiled each day of the week, then I will put together a master list.  Please... [Read More]

There are thousands of restaurants in Houston, and many of them are pizza restaurants.  Here is a complete list of pizza restaurants all over Houston and the surrounding areas.  Everyone has an idea of the perfect pizza in mind, but we sometimes have a hard time finding it especially when we are comparing it to something specific.  You may not find a pizza that tastes exactly like your favorite pizza in Italy or New York, but you can probably find something pretty close to it. Here are a few fun facts about pizza from *Saturday... [Read More]

The Houston Chronicle released it’s Top 100 Restaurants for 2015. There are thousands and thousands of restaurants in Houston.  I often find it hard to believe that sometimes we can’t figure out where to go at times.  I often make a mental list of restaurants that I would like to try and revisit, but I can’t ever seem to remember them in the moment. I was so excited to see this list, and it’s definitely something that I will save and refer back to for... [Read More]

Las Ventanas Las Ventanas is located at 14555 Grisby Road near I-10 and Highway 6.  Aside from their tasty Mexican cuisine, we love their outdoor space that has a playground, bridge with water, fans, etc.  On a nice day, this is a great place to go and sit outside.  Your kids can run around and play on the playground while you enjoy a nice meal. ... [Read More]

  When my family goes to a restaurant, I would like to think that we would simply sit back, enjoy each other’s company, and have meaningful conversations.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned with young children.  I try to keep a bag handy of special restaurant activities that will assist in keeping my kids engaged, happy, and entertained.  Even with my bag of tricks, they sometimes have a hard time waiting for our food or the check. My family was eating at Pappasitos, and my son grew quite wiggly at... [Read More]

140 Kid Friendly Houston Restaurants There are thousands of restaurants in Houston, but do you ever find yourself asking the question, “Where are we going to eat?”.  If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for fun, family friendly restaurants.  You know, the restaurants that have play areas, outdoor spaces, or simply smile even though you’re dragging your young children to a table.  What you consider to be a “family friendly restaurant” may vary from me, but here is a list of ideas.  The next... [Read More]

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