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  Things to do at home on a rainy day with kids  There are some rainy days where you just want to stay at home, and there are some days where you just don’t have the option.  Whether it’s forced or by choice, there are so many fun things that you can do with your children to keep them happy, engaged, and entertained.  You might not have to “create” anything for your kids to do because they’re perfectly content playing with their toys or coming up with their own rainy day fun ideas.  If you need ideas... [Read More]

22 Places to take your kids on a rainy day: It’s raining, it’s pouring…and you have to get out of the house.  Assuming that it’s safe, there are a number of fun places that you can go even when it’s raining outside.  After all, you might often forget about some of these places because you usually make the effort to get your kids outdoors.  There is nothing wrong with staying at home, pulling out the crafts, or doing something low key.  If you have the itch to get out, I hope that you find these ideas... [Read More]

  Things to do in Houston with kids indoors: Here’s my list of 14 free indoor play places in Houston – perfect for a hot, cold, or wet day.  It is important to take our kids outside to play, burn energy, and get fresh air.  There are days that are just too wet, too cold, or simply too hot to go outside.  On those days, what are you supposed to do with your kids?  Of course, there are a ton of cute ideas and activities on Pinterest.  At some point, it’s nice to get out of the house.  Here is a list of places... [Read More]

2 Ingredient Play Dough   Ingredients: 2 cups of corn starch 1 cup of cheap conditioner Gather your two ingredients Add two cups of corn starch Add one cup of conditioner Stir the mixture and knead it until smooth Add food coloring if you’d like to Your play dough is ready. It’s quick, easy, and lots of fun.  I recommend that you keep the play dough in an sealed container so that it lasts longer. ... [Read More]

Car Track with Tape   Pinterest is one of my favorite go to websites for ideas, and I found one that has worked wonders in my home.  I saw a post about using tape to make a road.  There are many samples on Pinterest.  You can build a road up the couch, down the wall, and across the floor.  It doesn’t matter how or where I place the tape, my son absolutely loves this activity. I’ve used painter’s tape, masking tape, and colored tape.  Recently, I saw a post on Facebook.  You can now purchase “road tape”. ... [Read More]

Colored Glue You can develop your child’s fine motor skills by allowing him/her to play with glue.  One of our favorite art activities is making pictures with colored glue.  I bought the glue on sale during school supply season.  The Target glue bottles cost me thirteen cents each.  To color the glue, you add food coloring and shake the bottle. It’s a quick, easy, and cheap project.  I am sure that your kids will love it as much as my kids. You can easily turn this activity into a learning activity by having your child... [Read More]

How do you spend a rainy day in Houston with your kids?  There are so many rainy day activities that your family can enjoy on a wet, rainy day.  Here is a list of ideas.  Whether you choose to stay inside and keep dry or get out and jump in puddles, you and your kids will enjoy quality time together.  Have a great day! Kid Fun Houston   Rainy Day Activities 1 Act out stories, movies, and books 2 Arts & crafts 3 Bake 4 Blow bubbles in the bathtub 5 Blow bubbles with water, dish soap, straws & a large tub 6 Build... [Read More]