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Kelly Gartner is the queen of Houston closet organizing! The Decision: I made the decision to use a Houston closet organizing service.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am organized.  I have been known as “the organizer” my entire life.  I not only keep an organized life in the physical sense, but I have always been a social organizer too.  My friends love to peek in my pantry and closets while “teasing me” about being so organized.  I have always been the friend who organizes bunco, girls’ nights, play... [Read More]

    Organizing Your Kid’s Books   Before I had children, I was an elementary school teacher.  I had hundreds, probably thousands, of books in my classroom.  I tried many different ways to organize my books.  Someone recommended that I get free paint stirrers from a paint store, and they worked wonders.  When I taught, I painted the sticks and used printed labels to make the text nice and neat. My book dividers today aren’t as neat as they were in the classroom, but they work just as well.  In my son’s... [Read More]