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    Life Cycle of a Butterfly: You can order caterpillars from companies like Insectlore and watch them grow.  It’s fun to see them grow from tiny to large, form their chrysalides, and emerge as butterflies.  You can see the whole process on Kid Fun so keep an eye out for more posts over the next few weeks. Click here to see more about the life cycle of a butterfly.     ... [Read More]

As parents, we know that reading with our children is crucial.  It’s a life skill, and it should be part of our daily routine.  Reading teaches speech skills, helps with learning, teaches communication skills, teaches language skills, enhances concentration and discipline, activates the brain, teaches the rules of syntax, expands your child’s vocabulary, helps children bond with parents, etc. Anytime that I see a suggested book list for children, I have to stop... [Read More]

Witches Fingers – Learning Lesson   I was shopping for Halloween decorations when I came across this amazing pack of witches fingers.  As soon as I saw them, I threw the package into my basket.  For $1.50 at Party City, I found a learning tool that I knew would be a hit with my four year old boy. When I picked him up from school, I showed them to him.  He enjoyed placing them on his fingers, being silly with them, and pretending like he was scary.  After a few... [Read More]

  The Celery Experiment         Would you like to teach your children how plants “drink water”?  The celery experiment is an inexpensive, easy way to teach them basic science concepts through a visual experiment.  All you need to purchase is celery and food coloring.  You simply color the water and place the celery inside.  You will notice the coloring throughout the stems and leaves the next day.  Don’t forget to show them the bottom of the celery... [Read More]

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly  Would you like to teach your child the life cycle of a butterfly by watching the entire process in your home?  Each year, we order caterpillars from Insectore.  You can purchase their “Live Butterfly Garden” kit for $24.99.  It comes with the mesh habitat, caterpillars, food, and a feeding pipette.  Once you own the mesh habitat, you can order the refill kit for $15.99.  My kids love to watch the process, and they learn new things each time that we do it. Each year, we have watched the life... [Read More]

2 Ingredient Play Dough   Ingredients: 2 cups of corn starch 1 cup of cheap conditioner Gather your two ingredients Add two cups of corn starch Add one cup of conditioner Stir the mixture and knead it until smooth Add food coloring if you’d like to Your play dough is ready. It’s quick, easy, and lots of fun.  I recommend that you keep the play dough in an sealed container so that it lasts longer. ... [Read More]

  Get Along Jar  Would you like to encourage “acts of kindness” between your kids while discouraging the opposite?  My kids have plenty of nice and not-so-nice moments with one another.  I have wanted to create a “get along jar” for awhile now, and I finally made the time to do it. All you need is a bucket, a few popsicle sticks, and a marker.  I found the bucket at Target for $1, and I bought the large popsicle sticks at Hobby Lobby.  My kids are 4 years old and 2 years old.  I asked my four year old son... [Read More]

Edible Play Dough: I have tried several edible play dough recipes, and this one is my favorite.  The kids love to help me make the play dough, and they will play with it for hours.  If you keep the play dough in a sealed container or zip lock, it will last several days.  The play dough is fun to play with, and it tastes great too.   Play dough is not only a great fine motor activity, but it’s great for building the imagination too. Materials:     1 cup peanut butter 1/2... [Read More]

    Stickers are cheap, easy to find, shiny, and fun.  We joined a sticker club last year, and we received 30-40 packs of stickers in the mail.  It was awesome, but I found myself asking the question “What are we going to do with all of these stickers?” Stickers are a great way to practice strengthening your child’s hand muscles and teach fine motor skills.  For young kids, it is a skill in itself to get a sticker off of the paper.  I taught my kids to peel the stickers by folding the paper in half. ... [Read More]

  Objective: To teach children about the concepts of sink and float Materials: A plastic dishpan or a large tub Items that sink Items that float Steps: 1.  Have your child predict whether he/she thinks that the item will sink or float 2.  Have your child test the item to see if it sinks or floats 3.  Ask your child to categorize items that sink and float A few notes: *You can use items from around the house.  Some examples are pennies, paperclips, balls, legos, crayons, straws, string, corks, *You can draw a line down the... [Read More]

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