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Things To Do with Middle School Kids Are you tired of hearing the words “I’m bored”?  When kids are younger, it seems like it might be easier to keep them busy and entertained.  It can becomes harder to entertain children as they get older.  Either they’ve done it before or they’re too cool to do it now.   Middle School Kids Middle School kids like to do their own thing, spend time with their friends, and simply hang out.  It’s a period where they go through a lot of transformations.  They... [Read More]

Over 100 Things to do with Older Kids Are you looking for things to do with your older kids during the summer, holiday vacations, weekends and evenings?  I have a huge list of over 100 things to do with older kids.  The list includes things that are free, road trip ideas, and things to do all over the city.  Kid Fun loves to bring ideas to you.  I hope that you find some new ones on the list.   1940 Air Terminal Museum – Hobby Airport 7 Acre Wood- Conroe AD Players Alley Theatre They play shows that are great for the entire... [Read More]

  Over 300 Things To Do This Summer: Are you ready for the summer?  I have put together a list of over 300 things to do this summer with your children.  You can enjoy many of these activities year round, but some of the items are summer specific.  You can print a one page (front and back) copy of the list to tuck in your purse, post on your friends, and check off throughout the summer.  My list is a work in progress so I will be adding, editing, and updating you as the list changes.  A document like this is always a work in... [Read More]

Are you looking for summer camps, preschool classes, or birthday party ideas in Houston?  The Idea Lab is a place where kids have fun while engaging in hands-on, learning and interactive activities.  They offer a variety of programs that are great for children of all ages. You can participate in programs such as after school classes, summer and holiday camps, birthday parties, preschool programs and classes, and events.  The Idea Lab is the place to go for exciting activities... [Read More]

Monster Jam is coming to Houston, and you can get your tickets through Ticketmaster. Dates: January 23 at 7pm January 24 at 12pm and 4pm February 6 at 7pm   ... [Read More]

    Kid Fun Houston   List of summer activities for older kids   1 AD Players Theater 2 Aquarium – 1/2 off on Tuesdays 3 Arboretum 4 Bat Colony at Waugh Bridge 5 Battleship Texas 6 Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens 7 Bayou Wildlife – ride the train and feed the animals 8 Bellaire Aquatics Center – go for a swim 9 Bellaire Nature Center – take a class 10 Blessington Farms – Pick berries 11 Bowling – join a summer bowling group 12 Buffalo Bayou Pontoon Boat... [Read More]