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Kid Fun Houston uses the program Eventbrite for events.  Eventbrite allows you to easily RSVP for an event by typing in just a few pieces of information.  Once you register for an event, you will receive an email confirmation right away. At any time, you can visit my Eventbrite Organizer Profile Page to see what event sign ups are posted.  If you are interested in an event, you can click the link to see more details about each event.  If you would like to sign up, simply... [Read More]

Eventbrite: Eventbrite is the program that I use to sign members up for my planned events.  The program tracks RSVP’s, sends email reminders, organizes a wait list, collects fees, and much more. I recommend that you create an Eventbrite account and download the app on your phone if you plan to sign up for events on Kid Fun. If a payment is required, you will pay through Evenbrite.  All of your information is secured through the Eventbrite site.   To Find the Eventbrite Links: 1.  Go to the Calendar section of the webpage... [Read More]