Calendar Notes

The Kid Fun Website has 2 calendars:

1. The Kid Fun Calendar of events are planned and organized by me.

2. The Houston Calendar of events are planned by businesses around town.


To Sign Up for Kid Fun events:

1. Click the event item on the Kid Fun Calendar.

2. There will be an Eventbrite link to the reservation. Please note that the links will go live 7-10 days before the event. The events are scheduled to go live at 9pm.


Cost of Events and Fees:

Please read the notes on each event to see the charges, fees, and time of payment. Some events will require a payment at the time of the RSVP. Other events will allow you to RSVP and pay at the event. There are some events that are free and will not require a payment at all.


RSVP Spots:

Please read the notes to see if you need to RSVP for children, adults, or both. We often don’t count children under one so please look for those specific details.



If you RSVP’d for an event and you need to cancel, please log into your Eventbrite account to make the cancellation. Please do not wait until the last minute to cancel your spots. If possible, I would love to be able to offer cancelled spots to members on the wait list.


Wait List:

If an event is full, please add your name to the wait list. If spots open up for an event, the members of the wait list will be invited to attend the event.

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