Advice for Picky Eaters (Washington Post)

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 3:51pm by Beth

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Dr. Bennett is a pediatrician from Washington, and he’s an author of the book Max Archer, Kid Detective:  The Case of the Recurring Stomaches.  He wrote an article about “picky eaters” in the Washington Post offering tips for parents.

When I came across this article in my newsfeed, I had to stop and read it right away.  Personally, I have a picky eater who is underweight so I couldn’t wait to read the advice posted in the article.  In our experience, we went from doctor to doctor, test to test, and tried weight gain medicine.  At some point, I decided to let it all go and trust that my child was healthy even though he was off the charts underweight.

The article talks about the following topics:
*Caloric needs to change in early childhood
*Portion sizes in young children
*Why children resist new foods
*Sensory food aversions
*Avoid eating struggles with your child
*Why it’s hard to be relaxed if you have a “picky eater”
*Techniques that encourage children to try new foods
*Medical conditions that cause feeding problems

I found the article helpful, and it gave me some piece of mind to know that many of our “challenge eating behaviors” are normal.  I really like the idea of looking at the week as a whole instead of focusing on each meal or the daily intake.

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